Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man

This is a true original. She makes me imagine what a magic moment it must have been to have discovered Kate Bush back in the day. Or Nico. (Tell me this woman doesn’t sound like Nico and I will eat my shoe.) This pop of realness, of fresh air invades your mind and you discover what your lungs have been missing. Aldous’ lyrics are strong and visual like the features on her face. There is a refreshing dramatic air to both.

Great music from this New Zealander. She is a relative newcomer, debuting with Stop Your Tears in 2015, but has garnered a huge fan base and critical acclaim from all corners of the music industry. She has been on a whirlwind tour of music festivals lately and the bloggers and music fanatics are blazing up the webs, singing her praises. Even Lorde is a huge fan as evidenced by her Twitter shout out yesterday.

This is a great song to listen to when you’ve run out of answers. It makes you feel like you’re not so alone in that.


(Lyrics are new and not necessarily right on this site. I will update when Google gets theirs up.)

[Verse 1]

I’m going to answer, protecting
It can be so hard to forgive
It’s not what I thought and it’s not what I pictured
When I was imagining my man
You are so nervous all of the time giving the classics
I know that imagining my man
Imagining, imagining my man

All my life (hey!) I’ve had to fight to stay
You were right, love takes time, hey, hey

[Verse 2]
You have this dream, apparently I’m not done
I leave and it’s dreadful
If you get there
Be honest, respectful

All my life (hey!) I never tried to stay
You were right, love takes time, hey, hey

I hope one dream will get that where
Lucky to be given the chance
I do not have the answer
But I don’t have the wish to go back

All my life (hey!) I’ve had to fight to stay
You were right (yes!), love takes time, hey, hey
All my life (hey!) I’ve had to fight to stay
You were right, love takes time, hey, hey

Written by: Aldous Harding, 2017


Author: Tiffany's Jukebox

Hey, guys! I am excited to share new musical finds with you. I focus mainly on the Adult Alternative genre, but not exclusively. Anything that sounds good to me is pretty fair game. I am a music lover from birth and really feel like great music rounds out your life. I have a brief history of working in the music industry, have been dabbling in songwriting and just really want to share stuff with people who are searching for new music like I always seem to be. I hope you enjoy it. It should be a fun blog and I welcome your feedback/comments. If you really feel like a song is terrific or that it just plain sucks, let me know. Let's geek out on music together.

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